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With 100+ tests apiece of Robadope, Mandelin, Froehde and Marquis testkits, our tailored amphetamine testkit should provide everything you need to identify any adulterants that are likely to be lurking in your speed, or even if it’s another substance altogether.

To analyze a wider variety of drugs and rule out more uncommon adulterants, check out our Complete Testkit, which also includes five other testkits.


In short, to make sure you’re getting what you wanted. Whether through malice or sheer accident, it’s easy to end up with an entirely different substance to the one you were expecting, and that goes for any drug.

Amphetamines are among the easiest drugs to adulterate or switch out entirely, particularly for inexperienced users who might dose up on something that’s more than 80% caffeine and placebo-effect their way through the night.

While that may not be too much of a worry for you when we’re talking about caffeine, it certainly isn’t the only thing that might appear. Your dealer may be unknowingly selling you a whole different family of drugs called cathinones, which have flooded markets around the world thanks to their semi-legality and bled into markets for MDMA, amphetamines and others. Whether it’s the likes of 4-CMC in Europe, eutylone in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia or pyrovalerones (the descendants of the infamous “bath salts”, flakka etc) in the Americas, these substances are everywhere and are well-worth testing for.


1. Prepare
Prepare a tiny bit of your drug on a white ceramic plate or mug.
Tip: You should use the same amount of powder as on a matchstick head, or a grain of rice. If you’re testing blotters, use 1/6th of a blotter.
2. Test
Simply remove the cap from your bottle and tilt it until a drop falls out.
From the moment the testkit liquid hits the sample, watch closely for 30-60 seconds for any colour changes.
Tip: Many samples will have an initial colour change followed by another over time, so it’s important to keep a close eye on them.
Make sure that the sample doesn’t touch the bottle tip.
3. Search
DoseTest offers a one of a kind tool to filter your results and find out what your sample could be. Just head here and enter your results to find out what you got.


Above and beyond!

The service was above and beyond. Completely blew my expectations out of the water. Incredible shipping times, and excellent customer service. 11/10!

Emanuel K.
Great service

Fast shipping. Excellent customer service – they were very helpful when I had questions. Seem like good folks. Test worked as it should!



Quick delivery and the product works as intended/advertised. Website of Thehup contains a lot of detailed information how the testkits should react with all substances. Very much recommended!

Dick T
Amazing team
This is my favorite vendor for the US. All their prices are very affordable. Shipping is very quick. Their customer service is very quick and helpful. They have a team that’s active on reddit communities helping people with questions. Can’t recommend them enough.


Is it safe shipping testkits and are your packages discrete?

Testkits are a legal product, and commonly used by harm reduction organizations.

We do not ship the test kits with anything that hints towards substance use, such as reaction cards, a receipt with a link to our site and even use abbreviations for the labels instead of the reagent’s full names.

So to put it simply, all our orders are packaged extremely discretely and with care of privacy.

How long do testkits last?

One year is to be expected in optimal storage conditions but shelf life varies with each reagent as well as to what conditions you have stored them.

Keep the test kits out of light, in cold storage and do not leave the bottles un-capped any longer than necessary.

To see if your test-kit is still valid after long term storage test common substances like Vitamin C, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol or any known substances (i.e an sample you know for sure is a certain substance) and see if the reaction is correct in reference to our reagent tool

Where does my order ship from?

DoseTest is a multi-national company, so we have distribution from both Europe & the United States.
All European orders are shipped from Europe.

All USA and orders from other countries are shipped from USA.

Can I get help when testing?

Ofcourse! We have a live chat on our website, where you can talk to us incase you need any assistance when testing or have any questions.

How do I distinguish between amphetamine and methamphetamine?

Yes! The Simon’s reagent can distinguish between amphetamine (no reaction) and methamphetamine (blue). It is best to use this reagent last, after using the Marquis and Mandelin reagents to eliminate other possibilities of adulterants in your sample.

Can this kit test for cathinones / bath salts?

Yes! The Marquis and Liebermann reagents should be used to test for cathinones. The Mandelin reagent can also be used, however the reaction colors of methamphetamine, amphetamine, and some cathinones, are very similar.

Is it hard conducting the test?

The actual process of dropping the reagent onto the sample is easy! What may be difficult is knowing which reagent to begin with, and how to interpret the results. Here at DoseTest we have created the Results App which should make interpreting the results easy! We also have a live chat where you can ask any questions about testing!