UPGRADED: New bottles to keep your kits testing

Posted on October 8th, 2021 · 1 Minute Read

If you’ve ordered a kit from us recently, you may have noticed a change in what they look and feel like. This is because we’ve upgraded our bottles, putting them through a process called fluorination to ensure that your reagents work better for longer.

The process of fluorination is awfully complex in practice, but the idea itself is kind of a simple one – you bind fluorine atoms to the surface of the material (in this case our plastic bottles), making them less permeable. This means that your reagents, which would previously be reacting with the air even as they sat sealed in your refrigerator, are far less exposed and will therefore last longer without becoming less effective. So far as we’re aware, we’re the first provider to take the step of fluoridating the surface of the whole bottle (although others have also taken steps to improve the lifespan of their kits). 

This is only possible because of the support you have given us, which has enabled us to experiment with new ways of improving our testkits as well as feeding funds back into helping those who need it with subsidised Fentanyl Test Strips and our own backing for organisations like Rollsafe and MAPS.