Our mission is to make drugs safer


tests given away at nightlife events & partnering organisations.

Over 3 million

individual tests worth of products distributed in the last year.

Over 100

countries shipped to.

Testing drugs with a test kit or a fentanyl test strip isn’t new or particularly difficult, but you wouldn’t know that if you asked most people. Most people who use drugs don’t do any testing, either because they don’t know they exist, don’t know where to get them or think that they’re too complex to use.

These are who we want to reach: countless people who could benefit from accessing this simple equipment, but don’t have the chance to.

Since our foundation in 2016, we’ve made huge progress on this: our international team supports local governments, charities and ordinary people who want to protect their communities, providing materials and expertise to assist them in their life-saving work.

Here’s the gist of what we do:

Giving back to communities

We believe that anyone who is interested in harm reduction should be able to access the resources they need. As such, we run regular giveaways in online communities like Reddit and Discord and deliver materials to services that provide these supplies to people who need them most.

Thinking big

We work with other organisations to advance public policy and scientific understanding around drugs: whether it’s regular support for the clinical research conducted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies or our partnership with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, we’re pursuing every avenue we can to make ourselves obsolete.

Thinking small

We work with local partners who are committed to harm reduction in the street, in homes and in nightlife spaces where there is often very little support for harm reduction.

Always developing

To keep up with the changing world of illicit drugs, we are creating resources as dynamic as the drug market itself: in collaboration with laboratories worldwide, we are building a database of laboratory-verified results for brand new drugs as they emerge. This means that when you use our tools, your tests are getting more powerful with every new sample we can get our hands on.

We want to do more

Much of the power of a movement like this one comes from autonomous community action, which is exactly why we want to support grassroots harm reduction initiatives just as much as we do these bigger institutions.

If you, either as part of an existing service, a group of friends or you by yourself, want to join us in reducing harm, get in touch with us directly and we’ll do our level best to bring you into the action.