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NPS Analysis: a-D2PV

A-D2PV is fresh out of the lab, with the first records of its use only emerging last summer. The NIDA initially said it would be equivalent to a-PVP when it hit the market, and while…

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The Rise and Fall of the Superpill

The superpills that dominated European MDMA markets for the last decade have vanished. Where did they come from, what happened to them and what comes next?

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A Definitive Guide to Testing Your LSD

Many of the best-known psychedelics have been a part of human history for as long as we’ve had history to check. The thousands of substances developed in the last few decades… 

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What's in your Heroin?

Heroin passes through a lot of people’s hands in its long journey from the poppy field to your baggy, every one of them with an incentive to bulk it out a little. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most adulterated drugs on the market.

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DoseTest tests five new substances.

DoseTest has conducted the first lab-backed testkit analysis on a range of recent NPSs (Novel Psychoactive Substances) to add them to our results tool.

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August 26th, 2020


The first testkit results for 4-FEA (4-Fluoroethamphetamine)

DoseTest has been working to produce the world’s first lab-backed testkit results for 4-FEA to make your testkits more powerful even as they sit in your fridge..

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January 15, 2021


Stay Up to Date

What's in your cocaine?

Many of the adulterants around today are the same as they’ve been since the 70s, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a problem, or that we don’t have new problems to worry about.

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NPS Analysis: 5-MMPA

5-Methylmethiopropamine, or mephedrene for short, is a stimulant which appears to have entered the market around a year ago as yet another “successor to mephedrone” which has broadly disappointed.

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NPS Analysis: 4-FPD

4-fluoropentedrone (4-FPD) has been around a while, but has remained in relative obscurity throughout its time on the market such that we have struggled to find much relevant information. What we can tell you is…

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We’re giving away Fentanyl Tests

We’ve been racking our brains to come up with some small way we can contribute, and we think we’ve hit upon something: any time you place an order with us, we’ll include a free set of BTNX fentanyl test strips.

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What's in your MDMA?

Ecstasy has a lot of nicknames, even for a drug, but the core component is always the same old MDMA, right? In theory, sure – the reality can be a little more complicated.

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