Frequently asked questions

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Drug checking

What are testkits?

Testkits are chemical solutions, which react to substances and form colors depending on which substance it’s reacting to.

What are Fentanyl Test Strips?

This type of test is called a “lateral flow competitive immunoassay”, and it’s pretty much the reverse of a rapid COVID test or pregnancy test. The strip is pre-loaded with “control particles” and when you dip it into your sample, the water carries these particles along with the drug towards the testing lines.

If there’s no fentanyl the control particles will bind to the testing line, causing it to become visible, but if there is then the fentanyl will bind instead and the line won’t appear.

Which testkit do I need?
We have specific “Substance” kits suited for substances such as Cocaine, MDMA & LSD.
If you are however looking for testing a wider range of substances than we suggest you take a look at our General kits
How long do testkits last?

One year is to be expected in optimal storage conditions but shelf life varies with each reagent as well as to what conditions you have stored them.

Keep the test kits out of light, in cold storage and do not leave the bottles un-capped any longer than necessary.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept both Mastercard & Visa as Card payments.

For wholesale orders we also accept wire transfers as well as checks.

My payment isn't going through?
Typically this issue can be encountered if your order is above $35 and is not completed via a Strong Authentication method with your card such as 3D-S, this is done as a fraud prevention measure.

You can contact your bank to have them look up the transaction attempt and help you place the order successfully.


Where will my order ship from?

All orders are shipped from the United States.

Orders shipping to Europe will pay VAT directly on our store, and avoid any VAT charge at import.

Where do you ship?
We ship to every country in the world.
When will I receive my order?

For US based orders we have various different options ranging from Express Overnight to 3-5 day based shipping.

For EU & Worldwide orders transit times are standardly between 2 and 6 days.

When will my order ship out?

Most orders are shipped out the same day if placed before 2PM EST – However delays can occur, and you will be notified (Either via email or a existing store notice) if this happens.

Please note that we do not ship out on holidays, weekends.

Is the package discrete?

Orders are shipped in either plain brown boxes, or padded envelopes, with only the sender as “DTEST” – Besides this there is no other information on the package indicating the contents.