Fentanyl Test Strips
The most sensitive, cost-effective, and accessible method for checking if your drugs contain fentanyl is by using Fentanyl Test Strips. The test strips that we sell here at Dosetest are the most reliable on the market.

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Easy to use

Discreetly shipped

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With just a few drops and a few seconds you can identify hundreds of possible substances, protecting yourself and your friends from the dangers of a toxic drug supply.

How it works in 3 steps

Use our app to receive personalised guidance on how to test your sample with your kit.

Just place a drop on your sample and watch the reaction take place.

Key the results into our app to find out what’s actually in your sample.

What our customers think

Your best resource for tests

Fast shipping. The instructions were the easiest to use that I've seen.


Easy to use and great price

I've recommended Dosetest to all of my friends. The kits I got were super easy to use and they helped me on the live chat.


Really quick shipping

Needed to get my tests quickly for the weekend and the entire Dosetest team was super helpful in getting my tests in time.


Clear and straightforward

Got my tests in 2 days, and was able to confirm my MDMA was indeed MDMA in time for the weekend. The tests worked great.


Any questions?

What exactly are Fentanyl Test Strips?

This type of test is called a lateral flow competitive immunoassay.

The mechanism of the test strip as a whole may seem complicated, but each component can be understood!
When the strip is dipped in water, the sample liquid moves up the test strip carrying the sample with it.
Each strip also contains the control particles on the part that is dipped into water. These molecules are there to confirm that the strip is working properly. As the sample and the control move up the test strip, they will arrive at the area where the results are read.
The control line only detects the control molecules, and produces a red colour when it attaches to the control. This means the strip was used properly.
The result line is a bit different. If there is fentanyl or a fentanyl analog present, it will attach to the results line preferentially, blocking the control from creating the red color.
If there is no fentanyl present, the control molecules will also bind to the results line. This is why one line is read as positive and two lines are read as negative!

When will my order arrive?
To ensure that you get your order when you need it, we offer a range of shipping options from a basic postal delivery to Overnight Express. As long as you place your order before 1pm EST, it’ll be shipped on the same day! (not counting weekends/holidays, of course – orders placed on these days will be shipped on the next working day)
Is the package discreet?

Orders are shipped either in plain brown boxes or padded envelopes, and the sender is marked simply as “DTEST” with no other information on the package which indicates its contents.

Can I get help when testing?
Absolutely! We have a live chat function on our website for questions or support (It’s probably on your screen right now), and you can always contact us via social media or email.
Do the test strips detect various forms of Fentanyl?
Fortunately, our Fentanyl test strips detect the following fentanyl analogs: carfentanil, acetyl fentanyl, butyryl fentanyl, remifentanil, ocfentanil, sufentanil, p-fluoro fentanyl, furanyl fentanyl, valeryl fentanyl, and 3-methyl fentanyl. The sensitivity of the test strips varies for each analog, this is accounted for by the dilution factor of 1 mg/mL.
How do I use the test strips?

We recommend two different ways of testing, depending on if you have a solid or liquid sample.

1: Prepare your sample

Pills and powders: If testing a pill, break off a small chunk and crush it as finely as you can. If it’s a powder, chop it up and mix it as best you can. These strips are highly sensitive, so you only need about 50 milligrams (think a couple of grains of salt). Put this into a cup, add 5ml (about a teaspoon) of water and mix them together. Fentanyl dissolves pretty easily, so don’t worry if there is some residue after you’ve stirred it a bit – that won’t affect the results. 

(Note: MDMA and methamphetamine can cause false positives. To avoid this, add an extra 4 tsp to the sample so that it is more diluted. IPPH and DPH can also cause false positives, but are far less common).

Liquid: If you’re prepping a shot, do that first – the residue left in the preparation container is all you need. Add about 5ml of water (about a teaspoon), then put the mix into a cup. If it’s in a vial/bottle, shake it a little and put a drop into a cup, then add the teaspoon of water and mix.. If you are testing a pressed tablet or pill, using a clean knife, break off a small part and crush it into a powder. If your substance is already in the form of a powder, mix it as thoroughly as possible.

2: Running your test

Take the strip out of its packaging, then dip the end with the wavy lines into your sample for about 15 seconds. Once that’s done, place it horizontally on a nice clean surface and wait for up to 3 minutes for your results to appear.

3: Interpreting your test

Since there are 2 lines which would either appear or not appear, there are 4 possible results. The line nearer the end that you dipped is the Test line, and the line nearer the handle is the Control line.

Control line visible, Test line invisible: This is a positive result, which indicates that your sample DOES contain fentanyl.

Control line visible, Test line visible: This is a negative result, which indicates that your sample DOES NOT contain fentanyl.

Control line invisible: Regardless of what the Test line does, this means that something has gone wrong and the result is inconclusive – we don’t know if your sample contains fentanyl. We advise repeating the test or, if that isn’t possible, assuming that the sample DOES CONTAIN fentanyl.

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