How to use a testkit?

Once you have your sample & test kit ready, these are the steps to follow. If you feel unsure about anything however, just start a chat with us and we’ll help you!

Note: Testkits are corrosive and dangerous chemicals, as such please always use safety glasses and gloves as the testkits will damage skin & eyes if there’s contact. Under no circumstances should any liquid from the testkit be ingested.

1. Prepare

Prepare a tiny bit of your drug on a white ceramic plate or mug. 

Tip: You should use the same amount of powder as on a matchstick head, or a grain of rice. If you’re testing blotters, use 1/6th of a blotter.

Prepare, Step 1 in using a Testkit

2. Test

Simply remove the cap from your bottle and tilt it until a drop falls out.
From the moment the testkit liquid hits the sample, watch closely for 30-60 seconds for any colour changes.


Tip: Many samples will have an initial colour change followed by another over time, so it’s important to keep a close eye on them.
Make sure that the sample doesn’t touch the bottle tip.

Please note that Sa + Sb, as well as Ra & Rb, are dual part test kits – You need to pour one drop of Testkit A first onto the sample, and then one drop of Testkit B onto the same sample.


Test, Step two in using a testkit

3. Search

DoseTest offers an easy-to-use tool to filter your results and find out what your sample could be. Just head here and enter your results to find out what you got.

Tip: Look below for how to act if you are given several results for the color your sample reacted into.

Search, Step 3 in using a testkit

Now what?

To dispose of the solution safely, simply add a little baking soda to neutralise the acid in the reagent and rinse the surface with water. Once that’s all done, all you need to do is put your reagents back where they’re stored (ideally in the fridge, standing upright) until next time you need to use them.

More tips?

If you are testing powder/pills then we recommend running the test multiple times to see if there is any difference in reaction, as an small speck of some powder does not represent the sample as a whole.

Perform the testing in a well lit area.

Don’t mix the testkit caps to avoid cross contamination.

Let the testkits warm up to room temperature before opening them. 


Common questions

I’m a bit unsure of a result I got, help?

Sometimes it can be difficult to interpret exactly what you’re seeing, particularly if you’re new to reagent testing – DoseTest’s Results Tool will let you simply search “orange” or “red”, but if your result was confusing you can always go to the Live Chat and get some human advice – if you have pictures/video of the test, DoseTest’s support team can offer our extensive experience in analyzing it.

There are several results! Which substance is it?

Depending on which testkits you have available and what results you have, you may only be able to narrow the possibilities down to a few different options, but with more testkits comes more security in testing.

For example, MDMA and 6-APDB both have the same response to Marquis, but if you also use other testkits than Marquis, and get positive results for MDMA, then you can conclude that all testing is pointing towards your sample actually being MDMA.