5-MMPA, A New Psychoactive Substance: What it is and how to test for it

Posted on April 15, 2021 · 3 Minute Read

What are 5-MMPA’s effects and known health risks?
5-Methylmethiopropamine, or mephedrene for short, is a stimulant which appears to have entered the market around a year ago as yet another “successor to mephedrone” which has broadly disappointed.

While most who have tested it started in the 5-10mg range for safety’s sake, they tend to report that it only becomes noticeably active at the 50mg+ range. At this point it becomes a pleasant, moderately euphoric stim, as you’d expect from something purporting to be the next mephedrone, which is fine but ends with a tepid endorsement at most, in stark contrast with mephedrone – if you’ve ever spoken about mephedrone with someone who’s on mephedrone, you’ll know what we mean.

There obviously isn’t much information out there about the dangers it may pose, but we can make some broad educated guesses based on its structure and subjective effects: we can gather that it would be cardiotoxic and neurotoxic in the long term, with acute risks approximate to those of similar stimulants. It also appears to be pretty caustic, with several psychonauts reporting that it causes some pretty severe burning upon snorting, so if you do decide to try it out please consider bombing it or at least taking care of your nose, whether that’s by minimising your use, following each big bump with a bit of saline or even using vitamin E oil to treat inflammation.

We also noticed some reports that clearly weren’t 5-MMPA, however. One r/researchchemicals user was falling to bits after a dose that other users struggled to notice – unfortunately these grey-market RCs are just as prone to adulteration and substitution as fully-illegal drugs.

What are the testkit results for this substance?

Fortunately, we have just the thing to help you out: a full suite of testkit results. DrugsData has verified our sample with laboratory testing, so we can tell you with confidence that this is what you should be expecting when you test your sample:

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