Price Match Guarantee

How the Price Match Guarantee works

If you find a current lower price on an identical item from any competitor in the same Trade Area as Dosetest, we will match it. Just send us a photo or copy of the offer so we can confirm the price to complete the price match.

Who is a competitor?

Competitors are other companies selling the same products as us, for use in harm reduction.

What is the Trade Area?

Trade Area means United States, Canada which are our primary sales areas. 

Additional Rules

Must be like for like: We only match prices for the identical product of the same size & package count. With Fentanyl Test Strips, this means per unit price. With Test Kits, this means per test kit price. e.g. Our Complete Kit’s contain 10 different kits for $59.95, with unit price of $5.995 per test kit.

Price must be valid today: The lower price can’t be a past or future offer. It must be eligible at the time of the match.

Cannot be combined with general discounts.

Price Match Guarantee Exclusions

  • Conditional Promotions such as spend X amount to receive Y, bundled offers that require the purchase of multiple items to receive the discounted price, “Free” promotions like buy one get one free, pricing that involves a bonus like “Free with purchase”.
  • Clearance, going-out-of-business sales or liquidation sale pricing.
  • Pricing that is a result of a misprint or typographical error.
  • Products given away by non-profits or other similar entities for free or at cost.