10mg Micro Scoop

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About this product

Trying to tip the right amount of a sample into your surface directly from the bag is inconvenient at best, and at worst it can be disastrous.

With this little micro-scoop, the whole process of preparing for testing is much smoother and less precarious. It’s a small investment to save a lot of headaches, you’ll be glad to have added it onto your order.


Above and Beyond!

The service was above and beyond. Completely blew my expectations out of the water. Incredible shipping times, and excellent customer service. 11/10!

Emanuel K.

Great Service

Fast shipping. Excellent customer service – they were very helpful when I had questions. Seem like good folks. Test worked as it should!


Quick delivery and the product works as intended/advertised. Website of DoseTest contains a lot of detailed information how the testkits should react with all substances. Very much recommended!

Dick T
Amazing Team
This is my favorite vendor for the US. All their prices are very affordable. Shipping is very quick. Their customer service is very quick and helpful. They have a team that’s active on reddit communities helping people with questions. Can’t recommend them enough.