General 5-in-1 Kit

The go-to kit for any drug user. This pack builds upon our Lite kit, multiplying both its range and specificity with a few extra reagents to help you identify dozens of different party drugs. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re looking to pick up a gift for a friend who you might want to play safer, this is the kit for you.

If you want to step it up for the full psychonautic experience and identify hundreds of different substances from across the spectrum, we’d suggest going full drug-nerd and taking a look at our Complete kit.

  • 100 uses per testkit
  • $0.1 per use
  • Contains 5 different testkits
  • Reacts to hundreds of different substances

Tried & tested

Easy to use

Discreetly shipped

Live support

Quick shipping

Easy to use

Discreetly shipped

Live support

Quick shipping

With just a few drops and a few seconds you can identify hundreds of possible substances, protecting yourself and your friends from the dangers of a toxic drug supply.

How it works in 3 steps

Use our app to receive personalised guidance on how to test your sample with your kit.

Just place a drop on your sample and watch the reaction take place.

Key the results into our app to find out what’s actually in your sample.

What our customers think

Fast shipping.

Fast shipping. Test strips work great. I already recommended to friends. Great price too.


Genuine company

This company actually cares about their customers and their wellbeing and their service is great. Great people will buy from them again!


Great price, quick shipping, informative!
Well priced test kits, shipped quickly, and the website provided information for which test kits were best to have for which substances.
The shipping was shockingly fast. I ordered the Marquis reagent kit and it was nicely packaged and worked well. Absolutely no complaints, only compliments for dosetest. Highly recommend.
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Any questions?

What exactly are testkits?

A teskit is just a chemical that reacts in a specific way to a specific drug by changing color. Our testkits are selected packs of these chemicals which you can use to identify a range of different drugs.

When will my order arrive?
To ensure that you get your order when you need it, we offer a range of shipping options from a basic postal delivery to Overnight Express. As long as you place your order before 1pm EST, it’ll be shipped on the same day! (not counting weekends/holidays, of course – orders placed on these days will be shipped on the next working day)
Is the package discreet?

Orders are shipped either in plain brown boxes or padded envelopes, and the sender is marked simply as “DTEST” with no other information on the package which indicates its contents.

Can I get help when testing?
Absolutely! We have a live chat function on our website for questions or support (It’s probably on your screen right now), and you can always contact us via social media or email.
Which kits are included?

For those more familiar with testkits, it may be interesting to know which kits are included in this bundle,

  • Marquis
  • Mecke
  • Mandelin
  • Froehde
  • Simons