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Our Reviews

Above and beyond!

The service was above and beyond. Completely blew my expectations out of the water. Incredible shipping times, and excellent customer service. 11/10!

Emanuel K.
Great service

Fast shipping. Excellent customer service – they were very helpful when I had questions. Seem like good folks. Test worked as it should!



Quick delivery and the product works as intended/advertised. Website of DoseTest contains a lot of detailed information how the testkits should react with all substances. Very much recommended!


Fantastic customer support.

Was having trouble identifying the results of my tests too the point i was thinking there was something wrong with a tests themselves but got help within a few minutes and solved the problem

Very good product

Very good product! Easy to understand and use.
The service of DoseTest was amazing. Something with my order got wrong. But just a mail to DoseTest and they solved everything for me. My strongest recommendation!


Why test?

In a unregulated market there is no way to ensure what you’re buying is actually the intended drug, but with the use of test kits you can test your drugs and see what it actually is.

With the growing trend of “research chemicals” being falsely sold, testing your drugs has never been more important.

New company posts

See what we’ve been up to lately.

DoseTest tests five new substances

We recently conducted the first lab-backed testkit analysis on a range of recent NPSs (Novel Psychoactive Substances) to add them to our results tool.

We’re giving away Fentanyl Tests

We’ve been racking our brains to come up with some small way we can contribute, and we think we’ve hit upon something: any time you place an order with us, we’ll include a free set of BTNX fentanyl test strips.

New Blog Posts

All about testing drugs, harm reduction and the community that surrounds it.

The first testkit results for 4-FEA

DoseTest has been working to produce the world’s first lab-backed testkit results for 4-FEA to make your testkits more powerful even as they sit in your fridge.

What’s in your Cocaine? 

Many of the adulterants around today are the same as they’ve been since the 70s, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a problem, or that we don’t have new problems to worry about.

We give away testkits 

For years we’ve been giving away hundreds of testkits every month to people who might not be able to access them otherwise – follow us to stay up to date

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